Good news! The online scheduling site for your upcoming Lifetouch photography event is set up and ready for your use so your families can schedule their own appointments for photography at any time.

The online scheduling site includes a Member site as well as an Administrator Site, each accessed via a unique link.

1)      Member Site

Your families will appreciate the convenience of reviewing the schedule and signing up online.

Member Site:

  • Share this link on your Website, on your Facebook/social pages, and in Email Communications
  • Use the Sign up Now graphic (attached) as a way to promote photography
  • Ask your webmaster for assistance in linking the URL to the graphic

2)      Administrator Site

As the Administrator, you can:

  • Enter and change appointments
  • Disable the site for paper sign-ups
  • Print out paper schedules

To get started, you will log in using the information below:

To access the online scheduling site, CLICK HERE.

Enter Username:  host433601
Enter Password: 433601

You will be asked to change your password.  Be sure to write this down and store it in a safe place. You will also want to share your login information with others that will be assisting with the sign-up process. Both your username and password are needed to access the site.

The Administrative User Guide will provide detailed information on all the functions of this site (CLICK HERE to access).  Plus, the Quick Start Guide will outline the most common steps you will need to know (CLICK HERE to access).


Note:  Once you are logged in you will notice some appointment times designated as “reserved.”  These are set as a way to manage the flow and provide your families with the best experience.   Please do not use “reserved” times for appointments.

If you have additional questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact me.

Phyllis O’Neil

(757) 472-0062